About the Wild Rift Benelux Championship

Introducing the Wild Rift Benelux Championship: the first ever major Benelux competition in League of Legends: Wild Rift for a whopping €1000 prize pool!

Get ready as the best Belgian and Dutch teams meet each other on the rift to claim the title of Benelux Champion!

Format & Rules

A qualifier for Belgium and a qualifier for the Netherlands, with the Top 2 of each going through to the Benelux Finals. In the finals the Top 4 face each other in a single elimination bracket to determine who deserves the title of Wild Rift Benelux Champion and the lion’s share of the €1000 prize pool.

Sunday 30 January 17:00



8 January – 13:00

Belgian Qualifier

9 January – 13:00

Dutch Qualifier